CM: Raku Kataoka by mongrelmarie
Scrapped Darkiplier commission.  I was waaaaaaay off base from the commissioner’s OC rendition of the character.  >,<
Thought I’d throw the reject here on the tumblrs.

My commission status is now CLOSED.  ^_^

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Now Open For Commissions!
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Lines for “Carry-On”, page 2
"Carry-On", Page 1 (lines)
Will color after the other pages are inked.

A three point perspective drawing of the Denver International Airport for a fan comic.
Gonna try out this instagram thinger.

Sea Glow by mongrelmarie
The Evolution of the Android
Finalized that little sketch I did a while back.
WIP with Deckard (Harrison Ford) from Blade Runner.
Played around with a redraw of:
I’m pretty rusty with drawing Naruto characters.  :\
Sugar Fett.


Recent commission for Markiplier over at YouTube.  Was a fun project.  ^_^

Amazing work that helped a wonderful cause. Thank you!

Pleasure is all mine, Wade.  Thank you for all that you’ve done to help those in need.